BallaratOSM employs three highly skilled nurses. Not only do our nurses frequently assist our surgeons in theatre, but they are always present in our rooms during normal business hours to provide care for patients. Our practice has two dedicated treatment rooms, specifically designed and set-up to provide clinical care. Patients have both pre and post operative appointments with nurses, but if things are not going entirely to plan, the nurses are always available to take a call from a patient to discuss wound management and pain management; or any other question to ensure excellence in the patient health care experience.


The nurses have a dedicated mobile phone that is a particularly valuable tool particularly for remote patients. Rather than travel into the rooms, the nurses can frequently assist patients using video calls or MMS images of wounds. These can also be shown to the surgeon for review for specialist advice if required.

Our post graduate trained nurse practitioner adds the ability to refer patients to allied health and specialist clinicians such as physiotherapy, Sport & Exercise Medicine physicians and Rehabilitation physicians for specific health care options. Our nurse practitioner will also assist patient pain management by providing scripts for pharmaceutical needs. And post-surgery, when the patient is due for orthopaedic review, our nurse practitioner can refer the patient for radiological examination.

Our nurses are a key healthcare professional in the expansive team that is Ballarat Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.

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